Meet Fred Gleeck

Fred Gleeck


My name is Fred Gleeck.


I help successful coaches and consultants to double or triple their revenue via equity partnerships.

This is where they get a piece of the action using my Dynamic Equity Integration Method.


When providing coaching, I work with:

+ Successful Consultants

+ Successful Coaches

+ Course Creators

+ Subject matter experts

+ Digital Ad agencies

I prefer to work with coaches and consultants making at least $15 - $20k per month.


My philosophy is that no one should be working without getting a piece of the action.

My system is the Dynamic Equity Integration Method.

My goals are to help successful coaches and consultants to learn and implement a system that will help them get paid what they are truly worth.

Instead of slaving for clients who may use you for a few months and then discard you, my work helps you land clients you want to work with for the long term and rather than being a “hired hand” become an essential piece/partner in their business.

The core mission behind my work is to help coaches and consultants create and maintain an equity position with anyone they work with and build an ongoing stream of cash to help them create wealth.

To work with me, just book a call by clicking here.

Please be advised that this is NOT a sales call.

I work with less than 1 out of 20 people who I speak with.

NO pressure, NO sales gimmicks.

Let's just talk and you tell ME if we are a match.

We'll go from there!


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