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Ads On Your Info Marketing Websites – Part 1

Information Marketing

I have ads on my website, and there’s a reason.  Are you considering the use of ads on your info marketing websites as well?  These days, ads are targeted specifically to each user by the shopping habits tracked by search engines and associated with that user’s IP address (the unique number associated with each computer or digital device) , so you have to think hard before using ads on your websites.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that ads placed alongside your search results and also in banners at the top and bottom of some web pages have nothing to do with the subject matter of your current search or the particular web page you are visiting.  It can be a little disconcerting.

info marketing ads

Information Marketing Ads

Most people have become somewhat numb to the ads anyway, and have learned to basically ignore them. But they are becoming more difficult to ignore when they show photos and prices of the fly-fishing gear you were just looking at a couple hours ago on a few different sites. When those fly-fishing ads appear as you are working online at a regular job, or focused on your information marketing business, it can really become a distraction.

Distraction is, of course, the whole idea of targeted advertising on the web.

I’m asking you to consider your own experience with ads before you consider allocating space on your own websites for ads to appear. It’s important to remember your experience as you think and plan ahead to the experience your site visitors will be having, too.

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