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Are YOU Successful in Selling Info Products?

Information Marketing

A lot of people CLAIM to be successful selling information products. The problem is you’re not their accountant. All you can do is RELY on the fact that what they are are telling you is the truth. Like I tell any and everyone I meet: Only believe your OWN numbers!

The first question that the title of this post begs is: How do YOU define Success? Here is my list!

1. You’re successful marketing and selling info products if you can do business with who you want, when you want and where you want. To ME, this is true freedom. Money can contribute to some of this, but certainly not all of it.

2. Are you proud of the company you keep? Most of the people who sell info products MASSAGE the truth. They tell you some of it, most of it, little of it or NONE of it. I don’t like hanging out with info marketers who don’t tell the truth. Call me crazy, but that’s how I feel.

3. You make more than you spend. One of the best ways to do this is keep your overhead low. If you START to make some real money, may off your bills and continue to keep your overhead low. Think I’m crazy here? Ask Warren Buffet. He still lives in the same house he lived in 30 years ago that he bought for $35,000 or something like that.

4. People who you care about respect you. Unless the people I care about respect, me, I don’t think I’m successful. Those whose opinion I care about . . . I want them to approve of who I am and how I do business.

5. Your customers keep buying. The ultimate determination of your success will be your customers. If they keep buying from you, that’s a VERY good sign.

Success for some is just measured in dollar terms. For me, this is just a small piece of the puzzle.

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