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Basic Marketing Tips For Your Information Products

Information Marketing

Digital marketing expert Gregory Pouy recently posted some basic marketing tips for your information products. He is speaking to anyone marketing products all over the world on the web, but his points definitely apply to us when he advises, “Establish value. Connect with a sense of purpose. Provide utility. Eliminate friction.”

Those goals sound great, don’t they? But just how does an information marketer go about achieving them?

I’m going to paraphrase Pouy’s main points in this post, because I want to bring them directly into the daily activities that you and I face when we’re building our information marketing businesses.

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Basic Marketing Tips For Your Information Products

First, establishing value is all about our brands, making them identifiable and clear. People have to know what we stand for and why.

Next, connecting with purpose refers to OUR PURPOSE. That means we have to have one, and be crystal clear on it. Then we have to be able to convey our purpose clearly to others as well. This is much easier said than done, however.

And finally, providing utility in a frictionless manner means we have to be sure that our info products and services are truly providing great value at a reasonable price, and we have to make sure that it’s easy for our clients and customers to access what they want from us. And that means whenever they want to communicate or to make a purchase. It’s all about clarity and accessibility on their own time, not ours.

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