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Blogging As Info Marketing Social Media

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I remember back when I was younger that a lot of girls kept daily diaries. Maybe some guys did, too, but mostly the little pastel-colored notebooks with tiny locks and keys were marketed to young girls for them to write down their secret hopes and dreams and feelings. Do you remember those diaries, too?

Lately I’ve started to notice that blogging as info marketing social media is similar to keeping a diary. Maybe that’s disturbing to guys, and to the business-minded of both genders, but here’s my point- we really do create our own realities by capturing our secret hopes and dreams and feelings. I’m not going mushy on you today, I’m talking about the power of capturing those emotions in words. And I’m talking about sharing them, as appropriate.

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Blogging As Info Marketing Social Media

My blog posts share my intense opinions and experiences because I know that’s what my clients, JV partners and customers want from me. If they didn’t like what I have to say they wouldn’t have chosen to do business with me and wouldn’t continue to follow my daily writing. Those are the same reasons your patients, clients, customers and followers want to hear what you have to say, too.

My secret hopes and dreams and feelings come out in the intensity with which I write and teach. I don’t have to reveal anything that’s too private, but I have learned to be open and candid because that is what engenders trust.  Daily blogging is definitely social media that you can use to gain and build trust for your information marketing business.

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