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Building Your Info Products vs Marketing Them

Information Marketing

I teach three steps to information marketing. The first step is creating your products, and the other two steps are traffic and conversion, which are internet marketing terms for getting your people and getting them to buy from you. The first step is completely separate from the second two steps, so building your info products vs marketing them presents an on-going time management issue.

All three steps are critical, and they all require your rapt attention at some point. The end goal is conversion, which is getting your customer to sign up and buy one or more of your info products.

But nothing happens until you HAVE a product to sell. Oh, that’s not completely true. Something can happen if you market your upcoming product in advance of its launch, and you get people to opt-in by providing their email address for you to contact them upon completion. That also works.

My point is that you have to wear three hats in your information marketing business, which does not include the hats you begin to wear once your business is off the ground: speaker, coach, guest lecturer and expert witness, for a few examples.  Honestly, if you have some plain baseball caps sitting around your home office, round up three of them and write these words with black marker, one on each hat:


Traffic  Cop


If you feel strange putting on odd caps at work, get over it, because marking on them and wearing them will make an indelible impression on your subconscious and on your brain, and they will make you focus on each aspect of your info products business and pay attention to how much time you spend on each.

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