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Core Writing Principles For Information Marketers

Information Marketing

Information marketing involves a lot of writing, so there are definitely core writing principles for information marketers that you can profit by knowing.  I’ll let a another blogger share his ideas on this topic today, as they reflect my own opinions as well.

Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing guest-posted on Write To Done this week, and he speaks to one of the most significant of the core writing principles when he says:

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Core Writing Principles For Information Marketers

“Once you’ve identified your ideal reader, and positioned yourself where they can find you – you still have to grab their attention, and you’ve only got a tiny fraction of time to do that.

People tend to skim headlines until they find something that piques their interest, so you’ve got to make sure that your titles, covers, headlines and any advertising you do is riveting.

This can feel like groping in the dark, but remember, you’ve just discovered who your ideal reader is. You know them, what they like and what interests them.

You can leverage your understanding of your ideal reader by putting yourself in their shoes and imagining ‘what will attract me the most?’”

Good advice. Putting yourself in your readers’ shoes is an absolute must when you’re planning your writing, during your writing, and certainly once again when you think your writing is complete. That’s when you’re likely to catch yourself and find things you overlooked in the writing process.

How do you know when something is riveting (not just to YOU, but to others) and when it’s likely to work for your information marketing purposes? Ask. You need to get honest feedback from people you can trust, and who understand what you are trying to achieve with your writing.

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