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Could You Entertain Your Prospects Like Dominos Pizza?

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Maybe it’s not interesting to you, but apparently there are a lot of pizza lovers around the world who enjoy watching a Dominos Pizza store in Salt Lake City, Utah during normal daily operations. It’s called Dominos Live, and when you visit you will see five cameras tracking in-store activity, 12 hours a day.

If you happen to visit when the pizza store is closed, you can watch YouTube videos ‘til the store reopens and broadcasts begin the next day.

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Could You Entertain Your Prospects Like Dominos Pizza?

In case you are wondering what this has to do with information marketing, my question to you is this – could you entertain your prospects like Dominos Pizza entertains theirs?  It’s a fascinating thought, especially if you have a retail or office location where webcams or larger video streaming cameras are operating.

Lisa Lacy’s post on ClickZ this week quoted Domino’s spokesman, Chris Brandon as saying, “”We want to show people what we do – see all the action of pizza being made. We want to do that digitally, which is why we’ve launched Domino’s Live,” he says. “Transparency is an element, but entertainment is, too. A lot of people are surprised by how busy our stores get and how active our pizza makers are during these rushes.”

I’m thinking about all kinds of shops that could promote their services and information products with their trusty webcams. How about you? Any ideas? Please share them in the comments.

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