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Critique of a Recent Info Product: Do’s and Dont’s for YOU

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I recently reviewed an information product that someone sent me. I don’t want to talk about the specifics of the content. Instead, I’ll talk about the product in general terms. I think you’ll find this helpful when creating your own info products.

To set the stage, the product is priced at $997. It is a product that shows people how to make money. Surprise!


* Talked about something that people have a strong interest in

This product talks about how to make money in an area that is hot at the moment. And, I suspect, may be popular for a while. Great topic to select.

* Made Good Use of Videos

One of the first questions to ask yourself is what FORM your product should take. In this case, it was ESSENTIAL to use video. The author was demonstrating various things you needed to do that had to be done online. Rather than just explain what to do with text or screen shots, video worked really well for this purpose.

With your own info products, make sure and first determine the BEST way to teach a given concept. Then create the products based on how to best serve your product buyers.

* Broken Up Into Small, Useable Chunks

The information being taught had a lot of components. It was broken up into small useable chunks. Each section had it’s own set of elements.

I like information products that are done this way. It’s a lot easier than trying to search the entire program after you’re done to find a particular item or section.

* Physical Product Increased Perceived Value

When I got the product, it came in a medium sized priority mail box from the post office. When I opened it, it looked fairly impressive. The only gripe I had was with the graphics used on the DVDs. They looked pretty average. IF you decide to go with a physical product, then have a good looking cover designed.

Regardless, the 8 DVD cases looked pretty impressive as I opened the box. I was later disappointed when each DVD had a lot less content on it than I would have expected.

Giving people an option to order your info product in physical form is a good idea. I suggest you look into using to duplicate and fulfill your physical information product orders. They do a good job at a great price.

* Had Forms to Use on a PDF Disk

This product required the use of a fair amount of forms and checklists. The author did a good job of putting all of those items together on one disk. They were in PDF form and were very easy to print out.

If you have a bunch of forms or checklists in your product, it would be a good idea to put them all on a separate disk to make it easier for your customers.


* Poor Grammar

I normally don’t run around criticizing the occasional grammar error. I make them myself every once in a while as well. BUT, when someone regularly butchers the English language it gets annoying and distracting.

Yes, his ideas were solid, but the regular mistakes in word usage got old. If you are in a situation where you have a lot of knowledge about a topic but aren’t particularly good on the grammar front, then get someone to help you. Don’t stick your head in the sand and say: “It doesn’t matter”! It does!

People will tend to return products where this is the case. Additionally, your reputation will be hurt.

* No Mr. Stupid

This program, like almost ALL I review would benefit from having a Mr. Stupid. For those of you who haven’t heard me use this term, I’ll explain. A “Mr. Stupid” is a person who serves as a foil while you’re putting together your product.

Mr. Stupid asks you the questions that the “typical” user might have. When you don’t use this system, the net result is a lot of unanswered questions. When you don’t have someone serving in this capacity, your buyer will have a LOT more questions that will remain unanswered.

Net result? Higher rates of return.

I play the Mr. Stupid role fairly regularly when I help people put their info products together. Not everyone can do it well. I encourage you to find someone who can help you in this area. It should be someone who can ask logical questions and then follow up appropriately.

* Did Not Over Deliver in Value

I didn’t get more than what I thought I would for the money with this program. In fact, I got a lot LESS than what I expected. This is not what you want to happen with YOUR information products.

Think of yourself. How do you feel when someone delivers a lot MORE than what you expected to get. How does that make you feel? Pretty darned good, right? You aren’t alone. Your customers will feel the same way with your products if you OVER deliver.

Ask yourself: When people get my product, will they feel like they got 10X what I asked them to pay for it. In this case, the answer was a clear and resounding NO!

* Pricing Was Absurd and Ridiculous

This program was priced at $997. At one of my FredInfoBootcamps, I had a couple of people review the product to make sure MY assessment was accurate. All three of us agreed that the price of the product was WAY high given what we got in the way of content.

Granted, if you used the system he describes successfully, you could make more than $1,000. BUT, in our estimation, this product was NOT worth the $997 he was charging.

When I asked the other two people who went through the material what price they would have been willing to pay, both of them said $200. I was willing to give the guy $300, but no more.

* Not Available in Downloadable Form

The program was ONLY available in physical form. It was not available as a download. I like having the option to access a program IMMEDIATELY if I so choose. Your info product customers will as well. It’s great to have a physical product available, but also give people the other option: to get it now.

Many people don’t put their products up online because they worry about getting them pirated. Don’t obsess over this issue. Instead, make sure to strategically pack your products with bounceback offers. This way, IF the product is pirated, you may still end up making money from other products you own and promote.

* No Back End Products/Services Offered

In the product itself, I could find no offers for anything else. What a waste! If you sell people one of your info products, then make sure and have OTHER products and services that you promote INSIDE that product as well.

Do this and you’ll have a continual flow of income. Leave this step out and you risk making one sale to a customer and NO MORE.

Don’t Think You Know it All

Shortly after I was sent the product to review, I contacted the author via email. A very short exchange revealed that he was completely unwilling to hear any critique of the product. This is a great way to make sure you NEVER improve your products.

Be open to criticism and critique about your products. The nice thing about selling info products is that they can always be redone. I’ve had clients who have redone a particular product as many as 4 times in one year, just to make it better.

The above positives and negatives are a good list to keep in mind as you produce your information products for your market. If you have any questions or comments, do so right here and I’ll try and answer them!

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