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Asking your customers, clients, friends, associates and fans what they would like to see you offer them is a picture of crowdsourcing your info products.  Does it sound risky?

Well, apparently major advertisers have decided it’s the way to get attention and participation because they are crowdsourcing their multi-million-dollar ads that will air during the Super Bowl this year.  Now, THAT is risky, even though people are going to keep right on eating Doritos and drinking Pepsi whether these ads “work” or not.

You, as a lone information marketer, probably feel as though you have a lot to lose. Asking peopl

info marketing crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing and Information Marketing

e what they want (or don’t want) may be intimidating to you because you might hear: 1) Comments about your existing products; 2) Comments about your competitor’s projects; 3) Comments about info products in general; 4) Stupid, irritating comments that simply waste your time; and finally, 4) Incredibly smart comments that provide valuable ideas.

Naturally, number four is what you are looking for, and numbers one through three are the price you’ll have to pay in order to get some valuable ideas for your info products. Maybe at least one good one. Hopefully.

But Super Bowl advertisers are not the only ones who are reaching out and touching their “publics” via social media and topic-focused platforms and forums. CEOs are doing the same thing, although they probably have a dedicated executive assistant on the task for them.

Chris Perry on Forbes says, “Despite limited direct participation though their own social pages, an increasing number of CEOs are choosing to extend their spokesperson-in-chief role through their company’s pages and portals.”

In other words, the boss is getting out there and mixing with the customers in order to mine information and collect data. How about you?

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