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Do your products put people to sleep? Unless you’re selling information marketing targeted to insomniacs, you don’t want that to happen. Not ever. You want to create enthusiastic excitement, or at least genuine interest in order to make a sale and in order to change lives. Inspiring positive change is always a good thing when it happens.

So, what’s the secret to keeping people awake and lively when you write and record your information marketing products? It’s the same thing that keeps your listeners awake and lively when you’re involved in a personal conversation, basically. And it’s not a secret. You have to say something the listener/reader wants to hear, or something she is interested in knowing. You have to be interesting, and at the very least not boring.

not putting your info marketing clients into sleep

Holding Your Info Marketing Clients Attention

What you have to say and what you have to sell in the form of e-books, books, videos, and audios, must speak directly to one person, just the way you speak when you are actually talking in conversation. That is the way you capture and hold the attention of your readers and listeners. It’s the same for your info products as it is in your conversations and also your professional speaking engagements. You have to speak directly to something that matters to one person. It’s when you forget or fail to accomplish this that people get bored. And sometimes they fall asleep.

What’s strange about holding the attention of an audience of one is that you cannot make it too hard for them to follow what you’re saying. In other words, struggling hard to understand what’s being said will also put people to sleep. Just lay out your material in a way that one person can follow easily. If there is a secret, that’s it.

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