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Does Coca-Cola’s Conclusion Apply to Your Info Business?

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Those of us who operate a small business marketing information are not in the same ball park as Coca-Cola, but we are actually on the same playing field as far as social media is concerned. Coke’s on Facebook just like everybody else.  Does Coca-Cola’s conclusion apply to your info business when it announced that it, “didn’t see any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales?”

That’s a quote from Eric Schmidt, senior manager-marketing strategy and insights at Coca-Cola.  At the present time, Coke has 61.5 million fans, more than any other brand on Facebook, which puts it in a good position to comment on social media in general. It should be noted that, “…he cautioned against reading too much into the research, noting that it covers only buzz, not sharing, video views or other aspects of social media.”

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Does Coca-Cola’s Conclusion Apply to Your Info Business?

I think that we can certainly take a cue from Coca-Cola and realize that we all have the responsibility of building a fan base in real life, not just on our social media pages. Nobody starts drinking Coke because of Facebook. Friends and fans are already drinking it.

My point here is that your people may go to your Facebook page to comment, too, but more than likely they are people who know you offline or online in another way.  I’m making this point today because from time to time I see “teachers” insisting that getting friends on Facebook is the way to build a business.

If you have actually built your information marketing business by accumulating friends on any social media platform I encourage you to comment because I’d LOVE to hear your story. Thanks.

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