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Does Google Analytics Have Secrets?

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I am announcing right up front that my post today is somewhat beyond my personal comfort zone technologically. I have a webmaster and don’t consider myself an expert in Google Analytics by any means. But I read an article on Search Engine Watch and found myself becoming very curious. Does Google Analytics have secrets?

According to Josh Braaten, the answer is Yes.  He introduces his post this way, “Analyzing your website data with Google Analytics is much like mining for gold. Advanced prospectors profit because they know where to look to find the nuggets, while inexperienced practitioners come up with only dirt after making the mistake of trying to prospect the entire mountain.

google analytics secrets

Does Google Analytics Have Secrets?

If web analytics is like gold mining, then a Google Analytics advanced segment is the pickaxe you need to chisel through your data to expose the glimmering insights inside.”

OK, I like the sound of all that. Mining for gold on my many information marketing websites sounds great. Now, how do I go about doing it? Are you with me here?

I read through Braaten’s post, and endeavored to find a portion to quote. The whole thing is packed with excellent, even if high-tech advice. If you don’t monitor your own Google Analytics accounts, send this post to your webmaster for implementation.

Here is a short list of examples for you to get an idea about the “secrets” that Google Analytics can reveal when you know how to use them: 1) Common ISPs, 2) DMA Quartiles, 3) Q&A Keyword Monitoring, 4) Cart Abandoners by Traffic Source (that one may strike a chord with information marketers, for sure), and 5) Detecting Content Piracy.

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