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Does Your Information Marketing Create Trust?

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Trust is an elusive quality. We don’t completely understand the dynamics of trust in our own thoughts and feelings, making it even more complex to understand the trust factor and how it affects other people. Have you considered how your writing comes across to the reader? Does your information marketing create trust?

Seth Godin blogged about trust this week. He said:

info marketing trust question

Does Your Information Marketing Create Trust?

“Why would someone listen to the prankster or the shyster or the huckster? No, we choose to listen to those we trust. We do business with and donate to those who have earned our attention. We seek out people who tell us stories that resonate, we listen to those stories, and we engage with those people or businesses that delight or reassure or surprise in a positive way.”

I am constantly amazed at how many programs are for sale on the web, and especially the fact that there are still so many promising instant riches with very little effort. Those promises are a sure sign of the “prankster or the shyster or the huckster,” as Godin calls them.

I’m suggesting that you go through all your information marketing sites and look for anything that smacks of empty promises. We are all conditioned to talk and write in advertising-speak, and that’s exactly what drives readers away now. They hate it because they can’t trust it.

Creating trust is what you set about to do when you create an info product, and when you market it online. If your information marketing does not create trust, it cannot work for you in the long run.

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