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Don’t Abandon PPC for Your Info Products

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Pay Per Click advertising can be a great way to get visitors to your landing pages and your websites. It has been the primary channel for the launch of many successful books and programs.  I’m suggesting that you don’t abandon PPC for your info products in favor of social media ads instead. The two forms of advertising are NOT the same.

Big companies and solo entrepreneurs can all benefit from AdWords campaigns targeting specific keywords. Naturally, it requires expert copywriting and SEO skills, so I advise getting professional help before launching your PPC campaign. But my point here is that a targeted ad campaign is not and will never be replaced by the vulnerabilities and inconsistencies on social media.

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Don’t Abandon PPC for Your Info Products

Paid search results are guaranteed to put you on the first page of a search engine and stay there as long as you continue your campaign. The cost will be determined by the “value” of your chosen keywords. I’m not attempting to provide an education on AdWords, I’ll leave that to Perry Marshall.  But I’m making sure the readers of my blog know that I believe in PPC, especially for small businesses.

EBay was in the news lately because it provided data showing that PPC isn’t too effective for the online auction giant. Well, that’s because everybody already knows about eBay. Who needs to click on a sponsored ad to discover eBay now? Nobody!

I’m fairly certain that the same cannot be said about your information marketing business (or mine.) We can all benefit from PPC because we are building brand awareness.

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