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Dr. Albert Ellis

Information Marketing

I was saddened to see that Dr. Albert Ellis died yesterday. I knew him and had been to his Institute in New York City MANY times. If you don’t know who he is, go read the article from the New York Times yesterday ( The way he ran his Institute is very similar to how I think any ethical information marketer should run their business. As opposed to most therapy, R.E.B.T., as he called his method gets people in, out and fixed very quickly. His system is not the type of therapy that will keep people coming back every week for the next 7 years. Information marketers should be doing the same thing. Get people in, train them on HOW to do things then get them going. Unfortunately, the vast majority of information marketers are more interested in making money than helping people. If you help people you’ll end up making money. More on Albert Ellis in one of my future Insights. See you later! Fred

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