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Editing Your Info Product Videos To Look Professional

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I always encourage my clients and customers to use videos for maximum information marketing effect. There’s just nothing as effective, if created and used properly. One key to proper creation and use is editing  your info product videos to look professional.

Steven Washer has some great ideas on his blog, and this one is very familiar to me. It’s about shooting a video interview, and having to deal with the fact that the interview goes on ‘way too long. When listeners lose interest, you are definitely going to lose listeners. And that’s not good.

info marketing professional video mixer

Editing Your Info Product Videos To Look Professional

Washer suggests:

“You get an amazing interview with someone on video, but it drags on and on until everyone loses interest.

Aaugh! All that work down the drain for lack of some simple editing.

This will show you how to do it; and not just a simple edit, but a super-simple edit.”

This comment is followed, naturally, by a how-to video.  Washer explains the following steps to video editing. (Of course you have to already have a video-editing program installed on your computer.) They are as follows:

1) Download your interview video from YouTube where it’s hosted

2) Drop video into editing program

3) Use Split command to cut out the parts you want to edit out

4) Delete those parts (remembering the whole interview is still posted on YouTube if you want it)

5) Push the remaining portions of the video together

6) And put a music track on it for best effect.

Washer is a professional video guy, so he makes it sound easy. You WILL get the hang of it, too, if you follow these steps. Might be a little slower the first time, but you next videos will go faster, and your information marketing interviews will be vastly improved as a result.

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