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How’s The SEO on Your Landing Pages?

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I’ve discovered that many people getting started with their information marketing businesses focus on SEO for their websites, but fail to consider their sales pages. How’s the SEO on your landing pages right now?

Cindy Shafttstall posted on Target Marketing this week, and she provides some reminders for anyone who is looking closely at their landing pages in order to make them accomplish their intended purposes most efficiently:

“Few efforts improve conversion results better than the implementation of targeted or dedicated landing pages. As you implement landing pages for your campaigns, you realize advantages…

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How’s The SEO on Your Landing Pages?

In pursuit of your own golden goose, your landing page should first and foremost:

Provide a path for your lead or prospect to become a customer

Enable your lead or prospect to become a customer

Resolve any concerns they may have about becoming a customer.”

Sound familiar? You may have been working with a web designer or working feverishly to build your own websites, and you know Shafttstall’s points are right on target. But had you thought about them in conjunction with your landing pages designed to attract opt-ins to your website, your email list or your membership site?

Landing pages are the workhorses of your information marketing business, and you can’t afford to overlook the SEO tactics they require to succeed.

Here is another laser-focused point in Shafttstall’s post:

“To get the best conversion rates from your targeted landing pages, you must test, track and tweak. These tweaks—in the form of page updates—will also contribute to your SEO efforts. Best practices are simply guidelines to help you develop your landing pages. Only through tracking your offer with your design to your customers will you come to know what combination produces the best results—for you.”

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