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Improve Your Information Marketing Sales Pages

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Long sales pages are a proven method for getting seriously interested site visitors to take action. Whether you are aiming to get opt-ins or to make sales, you can definitely improve your information marketing sales pages with the advice in a recent post on Conversion XL  by Peep Laja, and it goes into great detail about how and why they work.

“Worried that your copy is too long? Don’t. If somebody is ready to buy after just a brief skim – having just read 20% of the copy – they can just skip ahead and click ‘buy’. No problem.

info marketing sales page improvement

Improve Your Information Marketing Sales Pages

But if somebody reads ALL the text on your site and STILL has questions and doubts, then you’ve got a problem. This is why long form copy works well.

True – most people will not read the whole sales copy – and that’s okay. It’s not a novel. The consumers who do are the ones who are actually going to buy.”

Laja includes screen shots of long sales pages, also called squeeze pages or one-page-websites, making comparisons between sites that work and those that miss the mark in one or more different ways. I use long sales pages for a variety of my information marketing sales pages, and I recommend you consider them as well. Laja’s article is a good starting point if you haven’t begun writing your copy or designing your single-page site.

If you’re hiring a copywriter and web designer to produce a long sales page for you, I’d be sure to read it so that you can pass it on to them as well.  You want your info product sites to work hard for you, and this will give you a great start with good information up front.

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