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I grew up hoping to play golf for a living. In the Philippines, I became the best golfer in the country for my age group and won the National Junior Golf Championship 2 years in a row. But, you’re asking, WHAT THE HECK does this have to do with selling info products?

From a very early age, I became extremely competitive. It’s this competitive nature that has driven me to blogging, on average more than 4 times a day in the last week. You’ve gotta admit, it’s better than having a DRINKING habit.

I’m convinced that this competitive nature is what drives me in this business as well. I can’t stand to lose. In case that’s not clear enough, I CAN’T STAND TO LOSE!!!!

I interviewed a very rich man earlier today. It was interesting how he said that his motivation for succeeding at anything he did was based on the same “can’t stand losing” mentality.

No matter what you sell, you need to examine what motivates you to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed. Once you find that for YOU, tap into it and use it to do whatever it takes to succeed as an information marketer.

Everyone is different. For you, the motivation to succeed selling info products may be “all about the money.” If that works for you, then do it. Hopefully you have more than money making you go after it.

That’s one of the reasons why I also looked askance at most “motivational” speakers. It’s difficult to get everyone (or even MOST people in your audience) motivated because few people are motivated by the same thing. Sure there are people like me who fall into the “hate to lose” category, but there are others who are motivated as I said above “strictly by the dollar.”

It’s a very important question to ask and get the answer to. I’m now writing this post at 10:15 PM PST on a Thursday. I have to get up early tomorrow and drive through traffic 30 miles to get to an appointment. YET, I’m still here blogging for the second time today (AND I FEEL guilty that I only did TWO posts in the last 24 hours).

When you identify what makes you do the things that are difficult, the things that you may not want to do, you’re on your way to success. If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear what gets YOU motivated. I don’t care how strange and wacky it is. DO SHARE!

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