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Information Marketing Niches

Information Marketing

The first step for anyone who wants to sell info products is to decide which niche to target. To make the right selection, you need to think BOTH about what will work financially AND what will keep you interested for the “long haul.”

At the Fred Info Bootcamp that just ended, there were some interesting examples that you’ll find valuable to study and understand.

Joanna Faulk is an educator. She trains both other educators and administrators. At the bootcamp she concluded that the bulk of her audience, the teachers, weren’t great prospects for HIGH priced products.

She concluded that she should be producing a wide variety of lower priced products that ALL teachers can afford.

True for your audience? Perhaps. Think about it.

Also at the bootcamp was a guy named Bill Dewees. Bill helps people who want to get into the voice-over business. In about 4 years he has built a business for himself where he makes well over $100k each year.

Bill wants to help other aspiring voice over folks to get into the business and NOT make the same mistakes he did.

Bill WILL have some lower priced products, but you’ll also be able to give Bill a LARGE CHUNK OF CHANGE to get personal, one on one coaching from him.

In his case, Bill is devising a series of three high priced “events” that he’ll make available to folks who want to get into that business.

Follow this example, because you may be able to use a similar approach in YOUR field.

Bill (with my help) decided to come up with 3 possible options at the HIGH END of his product funnel. For $10k or thereabouts, you’ll be able to spend 3 full days looking over his shoulder at his home office. This will be for just one person. THREE DAYS, one person only, $10,000.

Another option will be a two-day event limited to just 3 people total. This event will be priced somewhere around $4-5k. Each person will pay less and they will have two as opposed to THREE days with him. His total gross revenue will be around the same or a bit higher than the 3 day event.

Lastly, he’ll have a one day event restricted to just 2 people. He’s thinking about a price of around $2,000. Total gross? $10k.

These are a number of the high priced options that Bill will be offering. He’ll also be offering numerous lower priced products as well. Audio, video and text.

His site: Real Voice Over Training.

Andrew Hymers is an engineer who a number of years back went through a painful divorce. He has written hundreds of thousands of words (in article form) that will help other younger, entrepreneurial men get through exactly what he went through.

Andrew will use a slightly different model. HIS goal is to get people to find him and then higher him on an hourly basis to help THEM get through THEIR difficult situation.

He’ll be putting up all his writing into a Word-Press site. He WON’T put it up all at once. If he did, the search engines would most likely penalize him. Too much content put up at once makes the search engines suspicious!

Over time, more and more posts will go up in 4 main categories that he’s devised. In due time, the search engines will find his site. From this “authority” site he’ll be able to send people to his “sales site”. The sales site will be all about getting people to pay him in advance for some one-on-one counseling via phone or skype.

Again, another model. Can you use this one? Maybe that’s the right one for you.

Another participant at the bootcamp was Michael Potter. He is an asset protection attorney. He is trying to get more people to attend his seminars. At the seminars he gives them great information related to the topic and HIS GOAL is to get people use his services as a lawyer to set up ENTITIES which they need to protect themselves.

This is yet another model in the information marketing field.

What’s your business? What should YOUR model be? It all depends. Ask some questions if you need clarification!

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