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Information Marketing Products

Information Marketing

Whenver I do a seminar or speak at an event, people are always asking me about which information marketing products they should create and market.

My answer is the eventually you need to have a LINE of information products related to your topic. The reason for this is that people learn using different modalities of learning.

Some people like to read as their primary means of getting knowledge. For those folks you will need to produce books and ebooks.

Other folks prefer to learn by listening. They are audio learners. For them you’ll want to have your material available in audio form. Whether it’s traditional CD audios or mp3s in either physical or downloadable form you’ll want to have your info products available in this form to satisfy them.

Still other folks want to learn via video. These folks need to be given video material in order for them to learn. This will require that you produce videos that relate to your topic. This isn’t easy the first few times you do it, so I suggest you get help from a professional the first few times.

You’ll also want to have your material available in experiential form. This means you’ll need to produce seminars and events to train people in the info products area where you are an expert.

Produce your info products using all the different modalities and you’re on your way to a successful info products business.

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