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Information Marketing Secrets – 7 You Need to Know NOW!

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It’s really quite simple. If you have knowledge about a given topic, you can sell that knowledge. The question in the information marketing and info products business is WHOM to believe! There are so many people out there masquerading as experts, it’s scary. I think there are 7 Things you need to know to make it work: 

1. Learn from an expert. This point may sound a bit self serving, but if you’ve never sold information products before, you’ll need a guide. Choose someone who has both done it themselves and knows how to teach it. 

2. Figure out Your Niche. In order to be successful you’ll need to pick a viable niche. This should be one that you’re both passionate about and that you can make money from. Info Products are fun to do, but if you’re looking at the information marketing field as a business and not a hobby you’ll have to pick a field that can generate a decent net income.

3. Create the Copy for Your Product FIRST. Sounds crazy, but before you produce your first info product, write the sales copy to sell it. This will give you the best outline you can imagine for actually creating the product. 

4. Decide on What Medium Makes Sense. There are a ton of information marketers out there who ONLY create audios. Some ONLY write ebooks. I think you need to be creating a plethora of different types of information products using different modalities of learning. Some things lend themselves better to one medium than another. Think about an audio program on how to hit a golf ball. Then, THINK AGAIN!

5. Create a great website. Maybe two. I would suggest that you have both a sales site and an information site for your topic and info product. This would mean that one of your sites is EXCLUSIVELY geared to sharing great content. The other site can be geared EXCLUSIVELY to selling the program or information product you’re trying to sell.

6. Have another info product to sell after they buy the first one. You’ll lose a ton of money if you market information with one arm tied behind your back. What I mean by that is you need to have the next (and then the next one after that) product lined up to sell to whomever buys in the first place. Selling information is both an art and a science. I suggest that you create an entire line of products for a given niche once you know it has “legs.”

7. Pack your info products with valuable, highly useable content. There is nothing worse than buying an information product that is filled with FAT and not MEAT. Make sure you don’t disappoint anyone who buys your info products by giving them LESS than they deserve. Those are just a few of the 7 things you can concentrate on, so go ahead, get started selling information that you already have

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