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If you market and sell info products, video will have to be one your options. Like I always tell people, the first step is to decide IF you even need video. If your answer is yes, then the next question is HOW will you use it for maximum effect.

I’ll assume, that like me, you chose video for a certain project because that would be the BEST medium to help share information with your customers or potential customers. If that’s NOT the reason you chose video, then go back to SQUARE ONE.

Your FIRST and PRIMARY concern with any info product you produce is: How will your customers BEST be served? In many cases, video makes the most sense. BUT, not in ALL cases.

Let’s go with the assumption that video IS the best way to go.

What kind of video is your next question? Should you use a screen capture program to illustrate your online movements? Should you use a traditional video “camcorder” to record something you want to demonstrate in the “physical world”? OR, maybe you’re using Skype or a similar program to capture video over the web. This is essentially a screen capture program, but you’re recording talking heads in most cases.

I have something coming up where I need to capture video of an interview I’m doing. I have the equipment to DO IT MYSELF. The “problem” is that the interview is important enough that I MUST get it right the first time. So, instead of doing it on my own, I’m going to hire a crew to help me.

Years ago, I used to preach that if you had a chance to interview the President or some other bigshot where you only had ONE chance, you should always have back up. I was talking about recording audio back then, but it’s the same concept.

IF you get a chance to interview someone REALLY important, ALWAYS have back-up. In my example above, I always used to tell people NOT to record audio directly onto a hard drive. I’ve seen hard drives crash. Particularly on PCs. Not so much with Macs.

But, even as a MAC guy, back then I would ALWAYS have back up when doing a recording where failure was NOT an option. IF, many years ago, I had the chance to interview the President, I would have gone in with 3 systems to make sure I had MULTIPLE redundancies.

This way if system #1 screwed up I’d have an option. When you HAVE to get it right the first time, make sure and have a plan B. AND C.

I have no problem with everyone learning how to do every type of video necessary for info marketers. However, when you have to get it right the FIRST time, it ALWAYS make sense to hire a qualified crew. It may cost a few bucks more, but it will get done RIGHT.

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