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Information Marketing and Seth Godin

Information Marketing

Every information marketer should keep their eye on Seth Godin. I’m not like some people out there who think this guy can do nothing wrong. In fact, his last book, Lynchpin I felt was weak. Yes, I said it: WEAK! In this particular book I think Seth got lazy. I’ve never met the guy. He’s never called!

That being said, the VAST majority of what Seth Godin does is VERY good. I’m a big fan of “The Dip.” I’ve blogged about how I think this is one of those MUST READ books. Everyone who now comes to a bootcamp must pick up a copy of this one. If you haven’t yet, do it now!

I recently posted about the movement AWAY from publishing books in a traditional way. Seth wrote a great post on his blog that you should read. It’s all about how he is now DONE with going through a traditional publisher for any books he does from now on.

I’ve recently had some MAJOR frustration with the publishing industry. I think the vast majority of the people involved are morons. I WISH I could name names, but I’ve met EXTREMELY arrogant agents, OBNOXIOUS distribution folks and TONE DEAF publishing executives.

Any and everyone who sells info products should read this post. For me, it’s causing a cosmic shift in my thinking. I can now see the value in forgoing traditional publishing means in the future. For RIGHT NOW, it will take a while for all of this to “shake out.” As is often the case, Seth Godin is ahead of the curve.

I suspect that many others (like myself) will follow suit and circumvent traditional publishing channels in the future. If I were guessing, I would say it might take between 2-3 years for this major move to take place. You certainly need to CONSIDER doing what Seth is doing. I suspect that those who follow his lead first will be people like me. People who talk about and deal with, the technology field.

As always, I welcome your comments on this issue.

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