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Information Marketing “Bouncebacks” and How to Use Them

Information Marketing

Selling info products is all about getting people into your “funnel” and trading them up to higher and higher priced products and services. Information marketing bouncebacks are key to a successful business.

The problem is that many people either don’t know what they are, OR, don’t know how to use them correctly.

First ask yourself this question: What is your endgame? What do you want people to eventually DO? Without an answer to that question, constructing bounceback offers make no sense.

Let’s take my case as an example. My ENDGAME is to get people, after they buy ANY of my products and services, to eventually attend a Fred Info Bootcamp. After they spend a week at my house, we get to know each other pretty well.

From there, my goal is find a few JV partners each and every time I do the bootcamp. This because my ULTIMATE goal is to generate 100 checks a month from 100 different sources. To do that I need to find highly qualified JV partners who will REALLY do something.

In my case, any and every product makes mention of the bootcamp. BUT, that event is relatively high priced. So, if someone gets a hold of some of my FREE stuff, it’s a pretty big jump to ask people to then cough up thousands of dollars without some additional exposure.

It therefore behooves me to have lower priced bouncebacks that will gently lead people in the direction of attending a bootcamp.

Does this mean that all of my “in-between” products are merely teasers? Not at all. They are all strong STAND ALONE products. BUT, they all lead people towards considering attending a bootcamp. IF you create products that are nothing but sales tools and don’t deliver content, people will STOP buying from you. Bad idea. BUT, taught by many an info marketing guru. BAD IDEA.

Instead develop a line of products at a variety of price points making sure that even if that is the last product they buy, that they get MUCH greater value than what they paid you.

Follow this plan with your bouncebacks as an information marketer and you’re on your way!!!

Information Marketing

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