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In the information marketing business, a lot of content has to be created. That is, if you want to be successful! After all, the title of the business says it. It’s all about marketing INFORMATION. That information can’t appear out of thin air. It has be created or made.

The biggest problem most people who sell info products report is that they have a hard time coming up with content. In my case, I don’t seem to have this problem. In fact, much of the time I have TOO MUCH content.

Here are some of the ways that I create content.

I read a LOT. I’ve always been a pretty big reader, but given that I’m in the business of creating content, it’s now part of my “job” description. In addition to my own pleasure reading, I now read a lot of things that relate to my topic that I wouldn’t normally pick up and read.

This reading includes three sources primarily. Books, magazines and online websites. With books, I’ll usually read a non-fiction book (most recently: “The Facebook Effect”) for every work of fiction that I’ll read.

In the magazine area, in addition to Entertainment Weekly (fun), I’ll also read “Wired”. I like reading both of these publications, but for entirely different reasons. On the business side, I’ll also read “Entrepreneur”. Every once in a while, I’ll pick up “Forbes”, “Fortune” or “BusinessWeek.”

Online, I always START with Yahoo. At their main page, I’ll click on the MOST POPULAR section. From their, I will read any and everything that holds my interest.

This reading allows me to create a LOT of the content that I do. It stimulates my thinking. It gives me all kinds of ideas. As result, I have much more information than I need to create a MASSIVE amount of content. Content that people who market and sell information products want to see, read or hear.

I also watch a fair amount of news on TV.

Not everything that I watch is “business oriented”. In fact, many of the things I watch have nothing to do with business. Many of these shows stimulate my thinking for the creation of content. Just because I’m watching or reading about something that is not DIRECTLY related to business topics, it can still stimulate the creation of content that MY market has an interest in.

I suggest you both read a lot and watch TV. For me, after doing these two things, content creation is a cinch.

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