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If you’re in the business of marketing and selling info products, you NEED to know about membership sites. There are a bunch of different options out there. I’ve investigated ALL of them. I even spent a ton of money trying to develop some software myself with LIMITED success.

For my money, the winner is: This piece of software is MUCH better than anything else out there on the market. It’s now the ONLY software I recommend.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, Ravi Vayagopal. He’s not only a great guy, but is incredibly customer service focused. He and his wife are behind this venture and do much of the support work themselves.

If you sell info products, you’ll find LOTS of uses for membership site software. AND, remember, a membership site doesn’t have to be a PAID deal. You can protect your content and offer it to only those folks who opt-in. There are lots of ways to use their software that will benefit the information marketing community.

I’m VERY skeptical of both PEOPLE and PRODUCTS. This is one that I can say, without reservation, that I endorse 1000%.

The cool thing about it is for a small additional fee, Ravi and his lovely wife will help you set up your site. They are charging MUCH too little for this deal right now. If you want a no fuss, no muss way to get started with your own membership site, this option is perfect for you.

It’s what I will be doing shortly. He and I have scheduled a time, after his move from New York to San Diego to make this happen for me.

Given that he is giving this help HIMSELF, his slots are limited. I’d take a look at the software and ALSO consider the option of him doing all the set up work for you. This way YOU can concentrate on your business. SELLING INFORMATION!

More on membership sites in future posts!

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