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ONE Downside of the Information Marketing Business

Information Marketing

As with all businesses, selling info products has some INTERESTING characters. Being someone who is relatively high profile in the field, I’ve had some things happen that were somewhat disturbing.

I’m writing this in hopes that YOU will know what to do if something SIMILAR happens to you! If you become successful in YOUR niche, you may find a similar letter in YOUR inbox.
Here’s a recent example.

A few days back, I picked up my mail. In amongst a bunch of other letters was one with NO return address. It was addressed to Fred Gleeck Productions and had my name, Fred Gleeck – marked PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL.

Whenever I get a letter like this it always makes me suspicious. Having watched a LOT of C.S.I. episodes and having some contacts with the group here in Las Vegas, I did not open the envelope. Before doing so I called my buddy who works at the local LAB here in Las Vegas.

Although he was pretty busy, he told me to bring the item down. I opened it in front of him, using lab protocol. As a favor, he ran some tests for me. He also had his buddy work up a “profile”.

By way of background, I’ve had a couple of incidents like this before. That was the reason for what may seem like an OVER abundance of caution. Although both of those incidents happened a few years back, I do remember what I had found inside the envelopes, so I acted with a fair degree of caution.

I won’t tell you what exactly was said in the letter. A lot of fairly NASTY stuff. Additionally, some fairly obvious (but veiled) physical threats of violence.

My buddy then suggested I visit my local police station. They were initially unsure whether or not to send me to the local Postmaster. Threats like this are taken seriously and when they are made via the MAIL, it can become a FEDERAL issue.

I just got a call from my buddy at the lab, who tells me he’s found some useful evidence as a result of the tests run.

So, I do have some VERY INTERESTING stuff.

Two lessons here. First, take threats like this SERIOUSLY. Go to your local police and ask for their help and direction.

Second, if you’re thinking of making threats like this, DON’T. There is a LOT of new technology that makes it a LOT easier to find people like YOU. Serious or not, you could be in a LOT of trouble.

But as an information marketer I would suggest you take threats like this SERIOUSLY and respond accordingly.

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