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Review: “Long Fuse, BIG BANG” by Eric Haseltine

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Earlier this evening I went to Barnes and Noble. I tend to spend FAR too much time there these days. I just ordered the LATEST version of the Kindle. They claim it will get to me in a few weeks. I got the version that has only WIFI and will cost me around $140.

The book that I bought for over $20 (even with my B&N discount) will cost me less than $10 when my NEW Kindle arrives. The wife has “acquired” my old one. My calculus was that all I have to do is buy and read 14 books this way to make the new device pay for itself.

As much as I like PHYSICAL books, I’m still a cheapskate. If I can save 50% or more on most books I buy (and I buy a LOT of books), the device will pay for itself PRONTO! I’ll keep you posted. Now, back to the review. Or should I say, the START of the review.

When I picked up the book and read the jacket copy I was excited. The point of the copy AND the book itself was that in most cases, in any industry, you should be thinking LONG term, not SHORT term. This is EXACTLY how I think, so I thought I’d really like the book.

Similar to a number of Seth Godin’s books, this is a SINGLE topic book. It could have been written in less than 10 pages and I can summarize it here in less than a few sentences. In fact, I already have. My summary: In any and every industry, it always makes sense to forgo short term gratification in exchange for long term results. The reason why we, as humans behave this way, is because of our BIOLOGY. This behavior USED to serve us well thousands of years ago, but doesn’t hold up as well in this day and age when threats today are less imminent from predators who are mostly non-existent.

There. Done. That’s what the entire book is about. Great concept, but to take 214 pages to tell me this, NO. Not necessary.

Here is my theory on WHY this is not a 10 page book. First, it couldn’t be sold that way, It would be too short. Second, the publishing industry is now STORY OBSESSED. This caters to corporate types who, apparently, LOVE stories. Being an entrepreneur, and someone who wants all MEAT and no FLUFF, this doesn’t work for me.

I know, YOU may feel otherwise. This is how I feel.

So, if you want to read all the various stories about how this or that company or organization used or applied this basic concept and principle, go ahead and buy the book.

After slogging through the first chapter, which I read in it’s entirety, I then SKIMMED the rest of the book but READ the summary at the end of each chapter. IF I had it MY way, that’s the “mini book” I would have preferred to have read.

Give me a little introduction and then string all of the chapter summaries together. Done.

I LOVE to read. And please don’t think that I’m looking to BASH every book I read. This book makes a GREAT point. One I agree with 1000%. I just think that LONG stories to illustrate basic points and ideas are superfluous. I admit I may be in the minority, as I said before.

IF you think like me, go into your local bookstore, read the summary at the end of each chapter and you’ll be done. NO need to read the entire book. AND, frankly NO NEED TO BUY IT! Sorry Eric, this is one person’s opinion!

I’d LOVE to hear what YOU think after you READ it, if that’s what you opt to do.

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2 Responses to “Review: “Long Fuse, BIG BANG” by Eric Haseltine”

  1. mariselaforrest on February 20th, 2011 2:23 pm

    100% agree! I bought the book to my nook at, and I regret the money I paid, like you said: It could be a lot of pages less, I am going just go ahead and read the summary at the end of each chapter, to save time and start to read my next book!

  2. Fred Gleeck on February 21st, 2011 3:59 am

    Marisela, unfortunately a lot of books are like that these days!

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