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Seven Steps to Information Marketing Success

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Information marketing is a simple business. It’s a SIMPLE business, but it’s not an EASY business. I have laid out a seven step plan for YOUR success selling info products. Follow these steps and you WILL succeed!

Please don’t be taken in by get-rich-quick info marketing scam artists claiming you can make money virtually overnight if you just buy their OVERPRICED product. The only person who GETS RICH with this deal is the supposed “guru” who sells you this fancy-pants product. Has someone ever gotten rich using the techniques they suggest? Perhaps! Maybe one or two, so that if the government comes down on them they have some justification for making these claims.

IF you’re willing to do the hard work NOW, you can build a SOLID info marketing business long term.

I’m all about showing YOU how to build a business that isn’t based on the latest fad or overnight riches scheme. This is a system I’m been using my self for many years. I’ve taught it to a lot of folks and it works for them as well. Here is how it goes.

The list I’m giving you here is a summary. My others books and materials go into this material in great depth. After reading this post, feel free to download all of that additional material to augment your learning.

Step #1: Select Your Niche

Whenever I speak about selecting a niche, I always use a graphic to illustrate how to do this. You have to look for the intersection of PASSION and PROFIT. There are some “supposed” gurus out there who claim that you don’t need to give a crap about whether or not you LIKE the niche you select.

I ADAMANTLY disagree! Unless you are excited about what you’re selling, the chances of sustaining the enthusiasm you need to make it is slim to none.

BUT, you ALSO have to pick a niche where there is money to be made. If you don’t, this will turn into a NON PROFIT business. You don’t want that.

Write down a few things both personally and professionally you have an interest in. Then go to the Google External Keyword tool and type in what you think people would use to search for that product or service. From there you can see how many people are searching for that and related terms. This will give you a good idea about whether your niche idea is financially viable.

Here is the current link to that Google tool:

This will give you a place to start TESTING your ideas. Make sure that there are at least 5,000 searches monthly for the niche you’re thinking of targeting. Also, try and go after niches that are less than 100,000. If it’s over 100k, you need to narrow the focus of your product. The niche is too broad.

Step #2: Write the Copy to Sell Your Product

Before you even create the product, you have to write the copy to sell your products. Why? It’s like the cover of a book. It’s always recommended that you write the book jacket copy before you even start writing your book. Once you know what you are offering people, THEN you can create the product to meet those promises.

Copywriting is a very valuable skill. You MAY be able to do it yourself and you may not. The only way to find out is to give it a try. Start by getting a hold of Bob Bly’s book: The Copywriter’s Handbook. Bob is one of my more successful clients. His book on this topic is excellent.

Even if you don’t end up writing copy forever, you need to TRY and do it yourself the first few times. To do that, use this mini-template. Make sure you fill in all the elements. Feel free to use my site: as an example of a successful site. It closes people VERY well.

Here are the elements:

  • Pre-Head
  • Headline
  • Post Head
  • Salutation
  • Opening Paragraph
  • Bullet Points
  • Testimonials
  • Offer
  • Price
  • Bonuses
  • Salutation
  • PS

Remember that the worst your website will ever be is the first time you put it up. You’ll want to be tweaking it constantly to improve your conversion rates.

Step #3: Create the Product Itself

The most important element of product creation is to create a great outline. So what does it take to create a great outline? Here are some suggestions. First, write down every single element of whatever you are trying to teach. Don’t worry about the order for now. Many people like to write each of these elements down on an index card.

Go fast. Don’t worry if you repeat an item. Speed is the key. Once you have exhausted EVERY element you can think of, your next task is to put them into order. What order? Certainly not the order that IKEA gives you on their instructions to assemble furniture. If they had gotten that one right my sofa-bed wouldn’t look like a gun turret.

Put them in the order that you MUST do them to WORK. If not, people will get incredibly frustrated. Don’t do that to them!

Since you KNOW what you are teaching, there is a tendency to both SKIP STEPS and to not be consciously aware of the order of the steps. Imagine that you’re putting this information together for 3rd grader. Do this and your’e on your way.

Once you have all that done, you need to decide what form your product will be in. Will it be an audio, a video, or in ebook (written) form? You make THAT decision based on what will help your customers to BEST use and implement your ideas. Think of THEM when you make this decision. What form will help THEM learn this material quickest and best? Refer to my other “featured” articles on this blog to see how to do each one.

Step #4: Design the Website and Put it Online

Your first question to ask yourself is this: Do you know how to do some of this technical “stuff” yourself or should you ask someone to help you. IF you need some help, I only have one referral. His name is Dave Hamilton. He bills himself as the Web Marketing Magician and he’s the ONLY person I trust in this area. I stake my reputation on him and his services.

You can find out more about Dave Hamilton at

If you are fairly tech-savvy, then put up a WordPress site and reserve a domain name that includes some of the keywords you are targeting. You may even want to consider BUYING an existing domain name if you can’t find a good one to use.

Stick with domains with the .com extension.

Use my site, Information Marketing Site as an example of how to set up your “authority” site. It’s working very well for my keywords.

You’ll also want to put up some “sales” sites and some “squeeze page” sites as well. Sales sites have only one purpose, to get people to BUY your product or service. Take a look at: or as examples of sales sites.

Squeeze pages have the goal of getting people to give you their names. I’m using this one less and less since people are reluctant to give out their names and email addresses. More and more I’m giving people to right to download my material with NO requirements on their part. I DO make sure that all of my products have bouncebacks in them.

Bouncebacks will get people to visit other sites I own where I may be able to SELL them something there.

Step #5: Drive Traffic to Your Site

No matter how great your product and website, if no one finds it, you won’t get any orders. There are four ways to drive traffic to your site. On and offline, paid and unpaid. This creates 4 categories of traffic driving methods.

I’ll only give you one example of each one of these four elements.

UNPAID – OFFLINE: Publicity in a newspaper, magazine or on radio. If you do get coverage, people will find your site and it will cost you virtually nothing. If you’re looking for help in this area, check in with my buddy, Burke Allen at He can help you get publicity for your product or service.

UNPAID – ONLINE: Give away GREAT free material. My page: free information marketing ebooks is a good example. I give away a number of my books in ebook form. In the future, I’ll be adding other people’s books to this page. People will end up linking to this page to tell others about it. This will generate more traffic for me with NO additional out of pocket expense.

PAID – OFFLINE: If the niche you operate in has a trade magazine, it may make sense to advertise your products or services their. It may cost you some money, but it can be well worth it. I did this for years in the Self Storage industry. One of my earliest niches. I would advertise my ebook that cost $97. In most cases the ad would pay for itself. I would spend somewhere around $1,000 and get at least 10 or 12 orders for the book.

PAID – ONLINE: Pay-per-click advertising is the best example of this methodology. I’m no longer a big fan of most pay per click ads because the prices have gone WAY up. However, they are a good idea to use to see WHICH keywords will actually result in buyers. This way you can target those same keywords with your FREE S.E.O. efforts.

Step #6: Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins

Once people get to your site, you have ONE SINGLE GOAL. Get them to BUY your product or service. If they don’t buy, the goal is to get them to opt-in to your list, OR to download some of your free material.

Your ultimate goal is to get folks to buy, but even a highly effective website only closes 5% of those who visit. This number depends on the price of the product or service and how good you are at converting them to buyers once they visit.

Here are 3 things you MUST do to increase your closing rates:

  1. Use Video. It works. Whether it’s video email ( or using a video on your site to say hi and introduce yourself to your website visitors, video will increase your numbers.
  2. Guarantees are crucial. People will be reluctant to buy unless you give them good, solid guarantees. Take a look at your competition and make sure that what you offer is at LEAST as good as what they offer.
  3. Testimonials work. One of the reasons my site: Information Marketing Bootcamp is so effective at getting people to sign up to attend one of my events is because of the powerful testimonials on the site. Again, video works better than audio or written testimonials here.

These are just three of the things you must do. I’ve got a huge list you can get for free. All you have to do is email me and I’ll send it out to you.

Step #7: Getting Customers to Buy More and More Often

Your final step is to get those who buy from you to buy MORE and to buy MORE OFTEN. The toughest sale to make is the first one. If you deliver a top notch product, people will be highly predisposed to buy from you again. That means that you have to start CRANKING OUT PRODUCTS.

If not, you’ll miss opportunities to sell them something.

I’ve done thousands of hours of audio and video products. Unless you have other things to sell people after they buy your FIRST, you’re LOSING money. People will want to get more of what you have if what they get from you first is super good.

Don’t disappoint them.

You’ll also want to find other products that you can endorse. Other people’s products? Even competitors? YES. Your buyers will eventually find other people’s material because of the BRAND NEW site out there called Google. Yours will NOT be the only product they find to buy.

People are not monogamous when it comes to providers of products and materials that they need or want. BUT, you can and should get compensated for introducing them to those “other” products. In the web world, we call this being and AFFILIATE for those products.

If you find a product you really like and they DON’T have an affiliate program, I would still recommend it to your customers. The key is to never recommend something you haven’t seen, tried, and liked. Also make sure the person who is selling the product is above reproach. If they turn out to be a sleazebag, it will make YOU look bad!


There you have it. All the steps you need to build a successful information marketing business. I do NOT claim this will be QUICK and EASY. Nothing that is built on a solid foundation IS.

This 7 step process will take a little while to put into place. BUT, once in place, you’ll have a solid business that you can build over time that will pay you residual income.

Once again, if you’re looking for QUICK MONEY, this is NOT the site for you and I’m NOT your guy. If that’s what you want or expect, I suggest you play the lottery. Your chances of making the BIG BUCKS will be much greater than pursuing the BOGUS nonsense some of the SUPPOSED GURUS are dishing out. ONLY THEY GET RICH. Don’t buy their line of B.S.

Information Marketing

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  1. Bob Runion on September 12th, 2010 12:32 pm

    Your join members button does not work is my computer or your site?

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 12th, 2010 4:56 pm

    You are correct. The membership site element of the site has not yet been launched. Stay tuned!

  3. Nick on January 2nd, 2011 2:47 pm

    Thanks Fred,

    Your advice came in handy. I appreciate your effort. Good luck.


  4. Fred Gleeck on January 4th, 2011 4:42 pm

    Nick, You’re welcome. Come back often. Lots of NEW stuff every week!

  5. Chris on August 29th, 2011 1:59 pm

    Simple, but not easy. That point cannot be overstated. I’m a newbie but I know great content when I see it. Thanks for your contribution. I’ll definitely be back.

  6. Info Products on October 19th, 2012 6:11 am

    Nice post as well as nice site Fred. I pass more time on the site rather than this post. The King of Content. 🙂

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