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In the information marketing business, there are a lot of people preaching how you can make a million dollars overnight. If you are interested in selling info products, there are some things you need to understand. The people out there who are promoting the get-rich-quick method of info marketing tell you that getting rich overnight is possible.

YES, it is POSSIBLE. It is NOT probable. There may be one or two people these morons can point to who have in fact made big money virtually overnight. BUT, these folks are the exception, NOT the rule. If you want to follow these folks and there ideas, I suggest you buy lottery tickets every day instead.

Your chances MAY be better.

For the rest of you who understand that the ONLY people who get rich overnight are the people who CLAIM you can, there is another solution. The thinking person’s intelligent solution. The system that I teach that makes it very clear that your chances of making millions overnight selling info products are SLIM to NONE.

I’d rather tell people the truth. It will take time. BUT, if you follow a system, you will make money. NOT overnight, but over TIME!

If you’re looking to have your new information marketing business replace your current full time income or job, be careful. Allow for MORE time than you would think. Envision it as a 4 year college degree. Give me 4 years and follow my system and I’m fairly certain you can replace what you’re making right now.

I do NOT guarantee it. I am telling you it is POSSIBLE. IF you follow the necessary system.

Most of your info marketing money will come in over time. How long? It depends. In general, you make money in three time increments: slow, medium and fast.

As an information marketer, your short term, quick money comes in when you exchange dollars for hours. Take a look at to see an example. I do some coaching. This money comes in quickly, but involves me having to give up my time to generate the money.

Medium term money for me comes mainly from JOINT VENTURES. When people come to one of my FredInfoBootcamps, I’m always looking for potential JV partners. When they start generating cash, I see this money as medium term. It will come in, but not overnight.

Long term,  I generate money from things like WebMarketingMagic, UltraCheapDomains and CoolVideoTool. The nice thing about LONG TERM money is once it starts coming in it’s more automatic. It requires MUCH less ongoing work, BUT, it takes a lot more time to get it going.

WebMarketingMagic has been built up over the last 8+ years. UltraCheapDomains has been sending me checks for around 5 years. CoolVideoTool has started generating cash, but over time, it will be another HUGE source of revenue for me.

YOU need to understand this system and how it works. Don’t get frustrated. It takes time to get all of these elements cranking. Don’t give up. Give it time and you’ll be rewarded.

See you next time!

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