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Selling info products is an interesting business. There are a lot of people trying to make a living doing it. When I meet people in the field, I always try and discern what makes them different. AND, what makes them the same as others in the field.

In every instance, I’ve noticed that those who are successful seem to have ONE TRAIT. It’s the same trait my Dad had. He lived to be 93. When he was around 87, I remember having a conversation with him. I was visiting him at his home in Suburban Washington D.C. He was sitting reading in his favorite chair and had a HUGE GRIN on his face.

I asked him: “What’s so funny?” He replied: “Nothing’s really that funny. I just can’t believe how much joy I still get learning something new!” WOW!

He was a guy who LOVED learning something new. Even in his late eighties, he still felt this way. Amazing.

This is the SAME TRAIT I see with people in this field who are successful. They are curious and LOVE learning something new. They are folks who LOVE to LEARN. And, they love to teach the things that they learn.

I GUESS that comes to two traits, not just one. A love of learning something new and an intense need/desire to share that newly acquired knowledge with others.

If YOU have those two characteristics, I think your chances of being a success are much increased. If you really LOVE to learn new things, information marketing is the business for you.

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