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Jane Friedman advises authors about publishing every week on her blog, and this week she was interviewed about an upcoming conference. She made the following comment about the cataclysmic changes in technology and publishing that all authors face:

“What I recommend is this: Find the 1 or 2 advanced, professional sources with perspective on this change whom you trust—the people who have the same values or goals as you, or have a voice that has always resonated. Keep yourself updated on the change through them. It’s good to have a filter so that you limit your exposure to the daily ups and downs of the industry. Check in with these trusted sources to stay current. While you don’t want to stick your head in the sand about the industry, or become ignorant of business concerns, at some point you have to put career productivity first.”

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Author’s Advise About Publishing

This is my advice to information marketers, too. Always has been. Find mentors that resonate with your personality, your brand and your method of operation and stick with them. Jumping around is a recipe for distraction and ultimate disaster, especially now that there are so many self-styled experts around.

More Friedman, this time on how authors should deal with the downside of fame:

“The biggest problem of being known is probably the demand on one’s time. Usually, you have to protect yourself from a steady and growing stream of requests—whether from friends, fans, or strangers—who make both reasonable and unmanageable demands of you. A lot of people whom you’ve never met want to pick your brain, get your feedback, or meet for coffee. Or they just have this one simple question they want answered, not realizing that dozens of other people also have one simple question, too.”

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