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Bryan Eisenberg is a well-known writer on internet marketing topics. He provides a list of uniquely useful paradigms to keep things clear for your information marketing customers online. The idea is to attract and inform without confusing visitors to your site by determining the real nature of your business.

Here are Eisenberg’s questions, followed by my comments:

“Select or Solicit? [Do your customers choose you willingly, or do you have to chase them to get them to buy something?]

information marketing good practices

Keep Things Clear For Your Information Marketing Customers

Tangible or Intangible? [Are you marketing products and services that your customers can experience with their five senses, or not? Remember, reading is NOT one of the five senses, even though you see the letters on the page or the screen. Reading generates thoughts, and thoughts are intangible.]

Transaction or Relationship? [Do you find that clients and customers buy something from you one time, or multiple times?]

Speed or Quality? [Which is more important to you, and which is more important to your customers? This is a really important thing to keep in mind when you are creating your products, and it requires you to know your typical customer’s preference, not just your own.]

Price or Prestige? [Once again, it’s what matters to your customer that should matter to you.]

Lifestyle or Utilitarian? [Ths issue is not one that you can generally escape. If you sell flea and tick control treatments for your yard, that is utilitarian. If you sell parasailing adventure trips, that is lifestyle. Of course, you can use information marketing for both types of products and services.]

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