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Landing Page Education for Info Marketers

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This post is a tiny introduction to the subject of landing page education for info marketers.  Landing pages are basically one-page websites that are written with one of two purposes only: 1) getting visitors to opt-in, or 2) getting visitors to buy something.

I have used landing pages successfully for years, and advised my clients and customers to use them as well.  Naturally, they have evolved and become more sophisticated now. Many landing pages look just like WordPress websites, but the opt-in form or the BUY button is the only place you can go. There aren’t other web pages accessible from most landing pages without making a commitment, at least to provide an email address.


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Landing Page Education for Info Marketers

Bryan Eisenberg posted a set of three landing pages with his analysis and comments on how they look, how the work to attract customers, and how they convert. Conversion is when a site visitor does what you want them to do, either one of the two purposes.

Eisenberg invited other web designers to comment on the visible and functional qualities of each of the three sites as well. All in all, there is plenty of high-level design and development thinking available on Eisenberg’s post linked above. It might be a little overwhelming if you haven’t thought much about landing pages or used them yet. But that’s really the best time to get your education started.

Trying to make a web page do more than one thing has been shown over and over to be ineffective, so all the experts commenting on the examples are sticking to the one point and purpose of each landing page.

I am suggesting that you familiarize yourself with successful landing pages before setting up your own.

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