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Information Marketing

Information marketers need to get training. They need to stay current with the latest info product trends. To make this happen, make sure and go to at least 1 or 2 info marketing events each year.

I go to a lot of them myself. Many times I’m disappointed. Some of the times I’m delighted, but that’s rare. Most seminars/bootcamps are all about finding a way to get you to part with your money, not educating you. I have NO problem with people sellilng things at seminars but not as a substitute for giving people some REAL, USEABLE content.

I’ve got my event coming up on this topic in September. It’s the Fred Info Bootcamp. It’s very different because we have a maximum of 6 people in the group. Each person leaves with a product completed, the web copy done, the website up and ready to sell.

Very different from others who do training like this. I hope you can make it!

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Information Marketing

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