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Licensing Your Rights To Information Products

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Hannah Sheppard has a business that information marketers should know about. Licensing your rights to information products, especially books and e-books is a big deal now. That’s what Sheppard helps authors do.

“Most people understand the process that takes them from written manuscript to published books, but few realise the additional elements that make publishing a profitable business. Rights licensing plays a huge part in that – whether it’s selling translation rights, audio rights or optioning the film rights — these all help balance the book’s books.”

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Licensing Your Rights To Information Products

I have worked with clients whose information products were eventually licensed, which brought in much greater income than their original sales produced. Licensing can build a significant income stream for the right books and e-books.

The core of Sheppard’s advice is pretty much the same as you’ll hear from a variety of publishing experts, but her focus is, of course, on getting a licensing deal. Speaking about successful authors who made the transition from self-published e-books to traditional publishing, she says that the, “key to their success was that they knew their readership, engaged with them and stayed focused in order to build sales which then reached a tipping point and attracted traditional publishing interest and international success. Therefore, developing a loyal fan base to talk about and recommend an author’s work remains invaluable.”

None of us can escape the fact that developing a base of followers or fans is the critical element to achieving success in our information marketing. Our books form the foundation of our info products’ business, and they can also form the basis of the most significant income stream in international licensing deals as well.

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