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Local Info Marketers Must Switch To Google+

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Remember Google Places? I helped more than one local information marketer get set up with the “free websites” Google created for nearly every possible address, at least in the United States. Well, now local info marketers must switch to Google+ because Places is going away. Oh boy…

I’m not whining, just reporting. Make sure that your boutique or restaurant or facial spa is on Google+ now if you want the local ranking you formerly achieved with Google Places. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Matt McGee’s post on Search Engine Land itemizes some details you need to know:

google plus for info marketing

Local Info Marketers Must Switch To Google+

“It’s the latest step in Google’s (very) slow process of updating its business listings management from Google Places to Google+ Local. The consumer side of that switch happened last May, when Google’s local search results and listings became Google+ Local.

But local business owners have been dealing with a messy combination of Google+ and Google Places when managing their business data.”

Apparently it’s been nearly a year since customers viewed Google+ Local on their digital devices, which means mostly smart phones these days. But, sadly, merchants had the same, old dashboard associated with Google Places on which to update their sites. Not good. McGee’s article links to a Google forum post explaining the transition further.

I am not a social media or Google+ expert by any means. But I do know where to point my partners, clients and customers to get the help they need to keep up on important changes for their search engine marketing.  It’s a big part of marketing information online and we all have to keep up to survive.

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