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Making Your Video Products User-Friendly

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Motion graphics includes the placement of text on the screen when you edit your videos. When you are contemplating the issue of making your video products user-friendly you will definitely want to think about this subject.

Steve Washer of posted a video on this often-overlooked topic. Most of us are so focused on smiling and executing our presentations perfectly that we don’t give too much thought to the graphics that will eventually be edited into our video information products to give them a professional look.

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Making Your Video Products User-Friendly

Washer makes an interesting point that is worth remembering…  Where the text is positioned on the page in relation to the speaker is critical. It can actually make the user uncomfortable if text is positioned too close or too far away from the speaker.  And another issue is how quickly text disappears from the screen as the video progresses. A fade-out is more comfortable to watch than text that disappears instantly.

Not only that, but people viewing our video products on their digital devices of various sizes are going to see text in different ways. So, the font, the size and the positioning of the text is all important.  We have to think about how it will look on a small screen as well as a large monitor.

If you are editing your own videos then you will want to keep these issues in mind. And if you are hiring an editor, discuss them when you’re setting up your contractual expectations.

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