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Marketing Automation For Information Marketers

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Maybe you already have a list of email subscribers, and you have them segmented into different categories in your email list provider’s account. That would be a good thing if you have it all together. However, email marketing for information marketers doesn’t stop there. It gets MUCH more complicated.

Without segmenting your list, and moving buyers into a different segment than people who have not yet purchased any of your information products as of yet, your buyers can get pretty exasperated when they receive your emails encouraging them to buy something, especially if those emails are specifically written to sell something they already own, or that they already signed up to receive monthly, for example.


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Marketing Automation For Information Marketers

Marketing automation is not a simple task. Many info marketers outsource it, but maybe you’re not ready to do that yet. If not, some comments by Will Wyatt  at Optify will inform you before you begin:

“Don’t over-segment your prospects…

For each segment, you need to build separate offers, calls-to-action and landing pages — not to mention email campaigns, which are a completely other beast. If you create too many different segments you’ll just end up spinning your wheels trying to customize each campaign, rather than building sufficient, compelling content for larger customer segments…

It’s important to note that managing a marketing automation platform can be a full-time job. If it isn’t your full-time job (or even if it is), it’s crucial to keep your campaigns simple and not create unnecessary work for yourself by over-segmenting or overthinking your exclusions list.”

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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