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Information marketing and MLM, compatible? Really?

In the not too distant past, whenever anyone has talked to me about a multi level marketing “opportunity” I have always RUN in the other direction. As a general rule, I’d rather get my teeth drilled than have someone PITCH me using another series of circles with lines attached to them. YUCK!

BUT, that being said, every once in a while you will bump into a product or service that meshes perfectly with your business model. The fact that it happens to use MLM as a method of compensation is purely incidental.

Frankly, I could give a rat’s behind about what method of compensation a company uses if the product or service itself is EXACTLY what I (and my peeps) need.

Sure, I’m naturally suspicious of this business compensation model, but in many cases that suspicion has been unwarranted. In many ways the MLM system of compensation makes a lot of sense. IF you help the people that you “recruit” (sounds like we’re in the Navy, right?), then you end up doing well.

Help others to succeed and you’ll succeed yourself. Who can disagree with this philosophy? I certainly don’t. It’s how I run my information marketing business. My entire business model is predicated on getting people to succeed. If they do, I make money and they make money. Finito.

My first exposure to MLM was with Shaklee. Around 1980, Roberta, from across the hall from me in NYC had gotten into the supplement business and got me taking vitamins. She did very well and made a lot of money in the business.

One problem. Vitamins weren’t my passion. Technology is.

So, when you find a company that has a great product that is in your field of expertise, don’t dismiss it out of hand just because it uses an MLM system of compensation. Concentrate instead on whether or not what they are offering something really worthwhile that makes sense for you and your business.

There you have it!

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