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Even though we may spend a lot of time working alone, no info marketer is an island. We cannot create information products in a vacuum and we certainly cannot market them on our own. Getting together with other marketers, online and offline, is the best way to stay motivated and sane.

Joint ventures are one way to achieve a working relationship that benefits everyone involved. Typically, joint ventures are between two people or organizations, but sometimes there are more people involved. When I invite several speakers to my seminars we are all going to benefit each other as well as the audience in attendance.

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No Info Marketer Is An Island

Most info marketers have a tendency to think that they are completely unique and that they can think faster and accomplish more without the interference of other people. Taking the time to interact with other people is the first issue when there’s not enough time in the day already, and slowing down to listen to other people in conversation is another issue.

We are all going ninety miles-a-minute, even if we’re stationary in front of our computers or working on our tablets. It just doesn’t seem possible to carve out time to network or chat with anybody most of the time, right? Am I just talking to myself here? I doubt it, although I am guilty as well.

Healthy interaction with other information marketers is crucial to the success of your own info products and the growth of your business. In addition to a team – assistants, webmasters, lawyers, accountants and other professional advisors, we all need peers to bolster our daily endeavors.

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