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Partnerships Are Replacing Advertising For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Joint venture partnerships are replacing advertising for information marketing. That’s a pretty big generalization, but it seems to be the order of the day. Joint partnerships have been my business model for a long time, so the fact that they are enjoying a wave of popularity right now doesn’t surprise me.

Mark Schaefer of Business Grow blogged about joint ventures partnerships this week. He didn’t mince any words, either. Here’s a sample:

“Aim to patiently develop long-term relationships

info marketing partnerships

Partnerships Are Replacing Advertising For Information Marketing

Maintain consistent connection — even when you don’t expect anything

Make a live connection whenever possible. This creates an irreplaceable bond.

Aim to create a partnership or friendship, not a “target audience”

Employ scarcity — Make them feel part of something special

Provide useful content and services built on trust not pay.”

The trust factor is what is lacking until we invest enough time and create a working bond with others. Oh, we might like each other and enjoy working together toward the goal of consistent profitability, but trusting each other generally takes some time.

I always approach a joint venture partner with respect for his or her existing business, but more importantly, with a respect for the future potential.  I have learned to see the synergy, and the possibilities for marketing information in specific ways that will work for each partnership.

Here’s one way of looking at it – seeking the advice of a consultant, you might hear, “OK, here are three roads and a detailed roadmap to follow for each.”  But working with a joint partner sounds more like, “OK, let’s move along this path together, and then we can branch out over here and over there when the time is right.” In a joint partnership we’re taking the trip together, all along the way.

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