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Physical Books That Work For Information Marketing

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Statistics will bear me out when I say that physical books that work for information marketing are probably equally effective as digitally-published e-books.  Naturally, this depends on the particular info product and target market, but in general it is true.

A physical book has been THE symbol of knowledge, wisdom and legitimacy, at least since the year 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg built his first printing press. That’s over 550 years now, so it’s safe to say there’s been plenty of time for human beings to get used to learning from physical books.

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Physical Books That Work For Information Marketing

E-books have only been around since about 1997 or 1998, although Project Gutenberg began in 1971. Even if we go back to the 70s, that’s still only 40+ years now.  In other words, e-books have not had time to capture the attention or make the impression on readers that physical books have been making for centuries.

Focusing on this historical difference between physical books and e-books may not seem important at first, but in fact it is critical. For information marketers in particular, consideration of this critical issue can be easily faced by producing both a digital book and a physical book (hard back or paper back) at the same time, or within a short period of time anyway.

My joint venture partner, Bill DeWees is using this double-prong  idea to market his successful e-book and physical book, and it is working well for him.  His Kindle e-book came out first, followed by the physical book, both on Amazon. DeWees is a good example of an information marketer who is using these ideas to great benefit right now.

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