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Pick Your Topic First

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If you are making plans for building an information marketing business in 2013, now is a good time to make sure you understand what to do.  You will definitely want to pick your topic first.

The internet is full of ideas and suggestions for setting goals, but I am not encouraging that right now.  Goal setting is not my goal here.

Instead, I’m suggesting that you absorb some of the basics in order to start out right. Building an information marketing business that provides a reliable stream of income isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you are going to focus on selling information about your present business or profession, then you are already set to begin.  A dentist knows her area of expertise. So does a landscaper. That’s what I mean by a business or profession.

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Selecting a topic has to come first

For a moment here I need to address the many other people who are not sure about a topic. Obviously, selecting a topic has to come first. You cannot sell information until you collect and organize information on a particular topic.

Your information marketing business can only start once you have identified and clarified a good topic, an area of interest. Then you can let your imagination run wild with ideas associated with your topic.

For the purpose of absorbing the basics of marketing information online and offline, select a topic now. Even if you are just going to practice with your selected topic, pick one. Nothing happens until you have chosen a topic. Then you’re actually ready to get started learning the basics.

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