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Selling Audio Products Sells YOU

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My long history as a public speaker got me started making recordings of my voice a LONG time ago. I’m not into fancy editing, but that doesn’t mean my audio products are unprofessional. The information I provide with enthusiasm and personality is what sells me and my brand. In the same way, selling audio products sells you and your brand.

Even though it’s tempting to spend a lot of time editing your recordings to sound professional, I have learned that good enough will serve the purpose in most cases. The way I’ve said it for years is the same way I say it now – PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS FORGIVE POOR PRODUCTION QUALITY, THEY WILL NEVER FORGIVE POOR CONTENT.

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Selling Audio Products Sells YOU

If those capital letters sound like yelling to you, that’s ok with me because I would yell that sentence if given a chance. Poor audio production quality (not terrible, just not flawless) is preferable to no audio recordings at all.

And I guarantee you that striving for perfection is the #1 reason that more of my clients have not produced their audio products yet, even though they know the value to their information marketing system. They say, “I don’t have a home studio,” or “I don’t have a microphone that’s good enough.”

And I say, “Yes you do,” which is what I am saying to you right now, too. Your computer and your USB headset is plenty good enough to make information products that you can sell, and that will also sell you, your additional products and your services.

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