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Seth Godin on A Media Voice For Marketing

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The seed idea is one I’ve thought about, too, but a post by Seth Godin on a Media Voice for marketing our brand has jogged my memory and pushed me to think about the topic again today. He says:

“Just about everyone is in the media now. If you’ve published something online, you know what it is to create and spread ideas.”

True. We are all publishers, in a manner of speaking, when we put up a website or post to a blog. That IS publishing now. Even our emails are publishing, really, because they may be forwarded to other people we don’t know, spreading our words and our ideas farther than we ever imagined.

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Media Voice For Marketing

More Godin:

“Amateur media tends to be a lot more personal, unpredictable and interesting.

The irony, of course, is that in a billion-channel universe, those three things make it far more likely that you will earn attention, connection and trust, which of course makes it more likely you’ll earn a living.”

He is comparing big media (popular print newspapers and online news sites, for example) with the rest of us, with our lone voices out in the wilderness of the web.  Godin is typically very encouraging, as is his position on cultivating our individual media voices is positive and influential.

Let me put it this way, I’ve got a media voice, and if you’re blogging or writing articles for your website, you’ve got one, too. I’m reminded of the phrase my JV partner, Bill DeWees uses to described the way his voice sounds at particular moments in his voiceover work. He calls it his Money Voice.

Money Voice or Media Voice, we need to know them and use them to build our information marketing businesses.

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