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Smart Email and Information Marketing – Revisited

Information Marketing

I just listened to a podcast in order to get more educated today. Conceptually, smart email and information marketing are somewhat at odds with each other, so I wanted to see the possibilities for surviving the growing number of companies providing services that sort and file emails for their clients.

Naturally, they have free trials for a couple weeks so that you get comfortably used to the convenience of a sorted inbox, which includes a digest of emails that were not put before you for immediate consumption. Thereafter, you pay from $3 to $20 per month, depending on the number of email accounts (1 -3) and volume of email.  There are also smart email programs specifically for businesses with many employees.

info marketing future email

Future Email Tech in Information Marketing

OK, would you pay $20 per month to have a provider sort through your inbox for you?  That’s $240 per year, and that’s not chicken feed for most information marketers.  If that investment saves me so much time that I recoup the investment in terms of productive time and overall sanity, then fine. I’ll pay for it.

I am looking at my own thinking here, and encouraging you to do the same. This is how we come to understand the thought processes of our clients and customers. This is how we can fathom the future of information marketing, when a casual bulk email or webinar notification won’t show up the same way it did in the past.  Actually, the time is not in the future; the time is now.

Emailing our lists has changed forever, and the only way to survive is to make sure that your people really want to hear from you so much that you stay in their priority inbox.  That’s it.

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