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Dane Atkinson posted lately on analyzing and tracking social media proof, and since tracking the results of information marketing is so near and dear to my heart, I want to share his thoughts with you in this post.

Atkinson says that, “your initial social media efforts will tell you a lot about your audience. The last thing you want is to miss out on the cues that will drive your major campaigns. Whether you consider your social media strategy “organic” or highly strategic, you also want to know off the bat what your tweets, posts, Instagram pictures or Tumblrs are accomplishing.

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Social Media Proof

Is your Facebook audience the Millennials you think you appeal to? Do your tweets lead to purchases? If something’s working, and you don’t know what it is, going forward you’ll struggle to build to a coherent strategy.”

This is the REASON for tracking social media, which is a good place to start. Social media can be casual or it can be intentional. Naturally, there are benefits to be derived from either tactic, but information marketers can no longer rely entirely on a casual approach and expect professional results.

In another post we looked at the new tabs in Gmail, and took note that one of them is called, “social.” This is a very important indicator of the high value Google places on social media mentions. It should start to form that reality in all of our minds as well.

In other words, we have to track our social media posting and commenting in order to know if it’s working to produce opt-ins and also to make sure our follow-up marketing is received and read.

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